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Vos jours et vos heures
Asso du 48 ▪ Sylvain Prunenec
Inventer de nouvelles erreurs
Grands Magasins ▪ Pascale Murtin, François Hiffler
Le sacre 197
Asso du 48 ▪ Dominique Brun
Sœur je ne sais pas quoi frère
Pour Ainsi Dire
Madani Compagnie ▪ Ahmed Madani
Tout ce qui nous reste de la révolution, c’est Simon
Collectif L’Avantage du Doute
Nathalie Pubellier ▪ Jean Gaudin

Its strong points

Scène Gestion Conseil undertake to offer services tailored to the specific needs of each client in view of the fact that social issues, accounting labor and fiscal problems differ totally from one structure to another.

We are committed to :

▪ Reactivity: a must for respecting deadlines.

▪ Confidentiality: particularly important in our domains of action.

Efficiency and professionalism: we make a point of keeping abreast of new laws given the rapid rate at which social legislation is changing.