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Payroll audit




A specialist in social management for more than ten years, Scène Gestion Conseil offers different forms of payroll audit in order to meet the expectations and needs of payroll services.

The enterprises and sectors of activity concerned (general social security scheme):

  • Private companies and public institutions under private law
  • All sectors including entertainment, excluding certain specific sectors of activity (construction, metallurgy, port handling, health, VRP in particular)

Scène Gestion Conseil offers several audit formulas:

  • Payroll Compliance Audit "Bulletin Control" and "Bulletin Control (Advanced)": On bulletin, verification of the proper application of the legislation.
  • Social compliance audit «Anticipating an URSSAF control»: On documents, verification of the proper application of the legislation. Sample control for certain elements: exemptions from social security contributions, consistency analysis, etc.
  • Audit «Payroll regulations»: Drafting of payroll regulations, a practical tool for the payroll service.
  • «Tailor-made» audit: Content adapted to expectations and needs.

An audit report is submitted at the end of the audit. It mentions all the elements analyzed, any discrepancies found and recommendations.